High temperature oven

High temperature oven

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GW Series high temperature oven has good temperature uniformity, a variety of flexible air supply mode, mature and reliable control system, beautiful appearance and other advantages, in Transformers, transformers, reactors, high-voltage switches, friction materials in the production process has been widely used. The company in the power, electronics and other manufacturing industry has a large number of customers, has accumulated rich experience, according to different products, different processes to provide customers with a variety of heating methods, air supply mode, workpiece delivery methods, control methods and so on for reference, for you to choose a more suitable solution, so that the drying of products, The curing effect reaches Zui.

Oven shell selection of high-quality steel plate paint, studio selection of high-quality structural steel plate manufacturing. The housing is filled with aluminum silicate fibers between the studios. The heater is installed at the bottom and can also be accommodated on the top or sides. Temperature control appearance selection of digital intelligent table, PID adjustment: Configuration of time Controller and connection with the alarm device, so that the operation of the oven is simpler, convenient and effective. Division I also produces and operates a variety of ovens, such asVacuum drying oven, there is a need to call for detailed consultation.