Dry Thermal sterilization Cabinets

Dry Thermal sterilization Cabinets

Product Details

I. Overview,

1. DMH Series Dry thermal sterilization oven, combined with foreign manufacturing advantages, carefully designed and developed for domestic and foreign pharmaceutical enterprises to choose, in line with the new version of GMP, EU certification ﹑ The United States FDA certification manufacturing requirements.

2. Dry Thermal sterilizationOvenChoose plc control, with hand/automatic function, touch screen man-machine interface, double heating protection function.

3. Design Zui high temperature up to 350 ℃, efficient can pass the DOP test no-load heat dispersion ±3℃, the box to achieve cleanliness condition.

4. Dry heat sterilization oven selection full welding structure, internal polishing, Ra≦0.4, no dead angle, no sharp angle.

5. A temperature verification interface and a DOP detection interface are left on the device.

6. DMH Series products are available for users to choose from, in terms of configuration and scale can also be customized according to user use, location, output and so on.

7.DMH Series purification to open the door sterilization oven, is my company in recent years developed a new generation of Zui products. In the domestic hundreds of pharmaceutical, food enterprises are through the GMP certification, the equipment control system are selected imported parts, control accuracy is alive, stable operation.

8. Touch screen, PLC operating system selection of Japan or Germany (Siemens), box pressure monitoring selection of the United States (Dewey) instruments. In addition to this kind of oven, our company also producesElectric Blast Drying Box, welcome to come to inquire about the purchase.

Second, the use of:

DMH series purification to open door sterilization oven suitable for pharmaceutical, food, chemical industry xilin bottles, ampoules bottles, aluminum covers, industrial appliances, and glassware parts sterilization heat source and solid materials monotone sterilization.