Boiling dryer

Boiling dryer

Product Details

I. Overview

Clean hot air through the valve plate distribution into the bed, from the feeder into the wet material by the hot air to form a fluidized condition, such as boiling boiling water in the bed jump, so called boiling dryer (boiling dryer), because the hot air and materials contact, so in a short period of time can be dry. Entering from one end of the bed, the "boiling" from a few minutes to a few 10 minutes automatically flows out of the other end of the bed body.

Second, the scale of application

BoilingDrying Box, also known as fluidized bed, over the years has been continuous improvement, progress, in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food, grain processing and other industries widely used, such as: APIs, granular proprietary drugs, granules, feed, plastic resins and other powdery, granular materials dehumidification, drying. Material particle size can be in the 0.1~6mm scale, Zui is good for 0.5~3mm.

Third, the device elucidation

Boiling bed, cyclone separator and bag dust collector placed on a flat cement floor can be flat, without the need for bottom foot screws. The fan can be installed indoors or outdoors and requires a base and The. Layout can be adjusted as appropriate according to the condition of the plant. The airway system should not leak air, avoid affecting the drying effect.

Iv. Heating method

Steam or electric heating, can also be used fuel (or coal-fired) hot blast furnace directly to get hot air.