Belt dryer

Belt dryer

Product Details

I. Overview

DW SeriesDrying Boxis a continuous drying equipment, used for better breathability of flakes, strips, granular materials drying, about dehydrated vegetables, Chinese herbal slices and other high water content, and the temperature does not allow high materials are particularly suitable; the series dryer has the advantages of fast drying speed, high evaporation strength and good product quality. The paste material of the dehydrated filter cake, which needs to be granulation or made into a rod shape, can also be dried.

Second, the use of:

Dehydrated vegetables, granular feed, msg, coconut, organic pigments, synthetic rubber, propylene fiber, pharmaceuticals, medicinal materials, small wood products, plastic products, electronic components aging, curing and so on.

Third, the characteristics:

1, can adjust the amount of air, heating temperature, material residence time and feeding speed to obtain better drying effect.

2, flexible equipment preparation, can use the mesh belt scour system and material cooling system.

3, most of the air recycling, a high degree of energy saving.

4, common wind separation equipment, so that the hot air dispersion more evenly, to ensure the consistency of product quality.

5, heat source can be used steam, heat conduction oil, electricity or coal-fired (oil) hot blast furnace supporting.