• Vacuum oven

    Vacuum ovenFirst, the overview of the so-called vacuum drying, is to dry materials in the vacuum conditions, heating and drying, and the use of vacuum Contact Now

  • Hot air Circulating oven

    Hot air Circulating ovenFirst, overview of hot air circulation oven is the traditional drying room replacement products, after several upgrades, so that the efficieContact Now

  • High temperature oven

    High temperature ovenGW Series high temperature oven has good temperature uniformity, a variety of flexible air supply mode, mature and reliable control system, Contact Now

  • Dry Thermal sterilization Cabinets

    Dry Thermal sterilization CabinetsI. Overview, 1.  DMH Series Dry thermal sterilization oven, combined with foreign manufacturing advantages, carefully designed and developedContact Now

  • Vibration fluidized bed Dryer

    Vibration fluidized bed DryerFirst, the overview of materials from the import into the machine, under the action of Oscillation force, the material along the horizontal Contact Now

  • Boiling dryer

    Boiling dryerFirst, an overview of clean hot air through the valve plate distribution into the bed, from the feeder into the wet material by the hot air Contact Now

  • Belt dryer

    Belt dryerFirst, overview DW series dryer is a continuous drying equipment, used for better breathability of Flake, strip, granular material drying, aContact Now

  • Microwave Drying Machine

    Microwave Drying MachineWBG Series Microwave vacuum drying box, is a modern plc intelligent control skills, combined with microwave energy application technology, aContact Now

  • Trolley Electric Oven

    Trolley Electric OvenFirst, the overview of the trolley self-driving oven can be used by factories and scientific research units for baking, boring, heat treatmeContact Now

  • Double cone rotary vacuum drying box

    Double cone rotary vacuum drying boxFirst, overview SZG double cone rotary vacuum dryer is in combination with the domestic skills of similar products to develop a new generatiContact Now

  • High speed centrifugal spray dryer

    High speed centrifugal spray dryerFirst, the overview spray drying is a more widely used process in the liquid process forming and drying industry. It is more suitable for prContact Now

  • High efficiency boiling dryer

    High efficiency boiling dryerFirst, overview of high-efficiency boiling dryer is for the GMP pharmaceutical industry planning Common new high-efficiency drying equipmentContact Now

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