Pressing machine

Pressing machine

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Pressing dewatering machine is a hydraulic press, hydraulic press has the advantage of high pressure, large tonnage, we can according to your output value planning the size of the equipment you need, according to the material to determine the size of tonnage. The machine is widely used in squeezing grapes, apples, navel oranges, blueberries, pickled vegetables, turnips, greens, soybeans and other fruits, vegetables dehydration juice processing. Pressing juicer is mainly composed of rack, hydraulic station, the use of high-quality food grade SUS304 stainless steel and non-rust plate package, in line with China's food hygiene requirements, low noise, high power, easy protection. Through continuous development, the improved press juicer has a higher degree of automation, can meet the needs of different levels of customers.

The products to be processed are artificially poured directly into or mechanically transmitted to the pressing barrel (made of high quality SUS304 stainless steel), by manually pushing the squeezing bucket to the working area (that is, under the hydraulic disk), turning the power on to turn on the device, According to the current situation of product dehydration for step pressing (popular is to be able to make the product squeezed out of the water sometimes out of the bucket, to reach the zui of good dehydration), so that the material contained in the liquid or moisture is squeezed out, the extrusion of the liquid from the barrel wall hole, by the outer side of the barrel to receive, Open the guide valve can release the squeezed liquid out of the barrel; hydraulic disc using high-quality SUS304 stainless steel package, so that contact area with the material to reach the health and safety requirements, product squeeze after the hydraulic disk reset, squeezed products pushed to the discharge area of the material into the next process, while the other early loaded products of the bucket, Pushed from the slide to the hydraulic disk for processing, two barrels of circulation, greatly reducing the time caused by the individual loading of the material wasted. This machine can also be used for solid-liquid separation of a variety of materials, its effect due to different material quality has certain differences.