Airflow Grinder

Airflow Grinder

Product Details

This series of airflow Pulverizer in line with the GMP/C-GMP/FDA certification requirements, can meet in the GMP Workshop B-Class zone and D class area use, high-pressure crushing and self-grading structure design, product granularity 1·3-75um adjustable, more than 5g of feed can achieve ultra-fine crushing and collection, to meet small batch research experiments, static production, No power transmission components, easy to disassemble and clean, production data can be stored and history query printing, suitable for the production of pharmaceutical research.

Airflow Pulverizer and Cyclone separator, dust collector, fan to form a complete set of failure system. After filtration and drying, the compressed air is sprayed into the failure cavity at high speed through the Laval nozzle, and the material is repeatedly bumped, rubbed, cut and destroyed at the intersection of multi-pressure airflow, and the material after the destruction moves with the rising airflow to the grading area under the effect of the fan pumping force to So that the coarse material separation, in line with the granularity requirements of fine particles through the grading wheel into the cyclone separator and dust collector collection, coarse particles down to the damage zone continued to crush. At the same time, our company also produces30B Universal Grinder, want to know the welcome call for detailed consultation.