Frozen Grinder

Frozen Grinder

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Overview: This series of frozen Pulverizer is suitable for refractory resistance, fibrosis, sponge shape, hard and brittle material damage is better, damage to the material in the -30℃-0℃ environment damage, to ensure higher activity of the drug, the product granularity range in 60 mesh-1000 mesh, suitable plant pollen spores and other broken wall damage, the rate of breaking the wall up to 98% , simple structure, easy disassembly and cleaning, can be applied to a variety of material replacement applicable, small size of equipment, low cost, small noise, easy to operate.

After the use of cold source and material heat exchange, so that the material cooling to brittle state, brittle material in the grinding cavity through the grinding tissue through the milling of countless times to hit, cut, conflict zui eventually become fine granular, grinding material fineness can reach the micron level. According to the function of the material to choose cold, the use of liquid nitrogen as the refrigerant of its zui low cooling temperature, so that its cooling speed is very fast, some demand rapid cooling, brittle temperature of the material is the preferred coolant. Materials that do not require high temperature for cooling brittleness can be heat exchanged with cold sources.