Ultra Micro Grinder

Ultra Micro Grinder

Product Details

I. Overview

The series of ultra-micro-damage machine by the host, auxiliary machine, electronic control three parts, compact design, reasonable structure, with wind selection, no screen without mesh. The machine is equipped with a grading mechanism, can make the damage, grading one end. Negative pressure transport makes it a constant discharge of heat occurring in the cavity of the damaged working time, so it is also suitable for the destruction of thermal sensitive materials. The machine adapts to a wide scale, the production process is continuous, the particle size of the discharge can be adjusted, can deal with such as: chemicals, food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, dyes, resins, shells and other materials damage and grading.

Raw material through the feed valve into the crushing chamber, affected by the impact hammer, the occurrence of fierce collisions, friction, shear and achieve ultra-fine crushing. The crushed material enters the grading chamber with the rise of the airflow, and the material that achieves the granularity requirements passes through the impeller grading into the collection system, and the particles that do not meet the granularity requirement return to the crushing chamber for continuous crushing, and the whole production process is fully enclosed and connected, without dust pollution.