• Pressing machine

    Pressing machinePressing dewatering machine is a hydraulic press, hydraulic press has the advantage of high pressure, large tonnage, we can according to youContact Now

  • Shredding Machine

    Shredding MachineThe main operating part of the Crusher (Shredder) is a pair of relatively rolling rollers, and the rollers are fitted with helical rows of tContact Now

  • Universal Grinder

    Universal GrinderPulverizer industry in the domestic is still a new industry, attributed to the early stage of development, but from this short decades of exContact Now

  • Airflow Grinder

    Airflow GrinderThe series of Pulverizer in line with the GMP/C-GMP/FDA certification requirements, can meet in the GMP Workshop B-Class zone and D class arContact Now

  • Frozen Grinder

    Frozen GrinderOverview: The series of spoilers suitable for refractory resistance, fiber, sponge, hard and brittle material damage is better, damage to thContact Now

  • Ultra Micro Grinder

    Ultra Micro GrinderFirst, overview of the series of ultra-micro-failure machine by the host, auxiliary machine, electronic control three parts, compact design,Contact Now